Gorgeous views from Petermann Island, Antarctica.

Incredible Beauty of Petermann Island, Antarctica

By this stage of the journey it gets quite easy to think that you’ve seen it all and nothing could supersede the sheer beauty you’d taken in over the previous few days.    Well how wrong could you be.    The island looked nothing special from afar but it was the place where we’d see Adele penguins….

Black Dzao Woman Surveying the Corn Crop

Ha Giang – first glimpse

  I recently had the most fantastic week cruising around taking photos in Hagiang Province, Vietnam.     This mountainous region in the country’s north is just simply stunning and the people amazing.   It was intended that the Sunday market in Meo Vac was to be the highlight of the trip, however I can honestly say each…

Jiuzhaigou National Park

Jiuzhaigou National Park, China

Jiuzhaigou is scenically one of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen, however I have realised I need to qualify this a little.  I grew up in an area that was very flat and dry, so in a way I find mountains, snow and the whole alpine scenery thing to be all quite exotic….


Fools Paradise – An evolving cultural masterpiece

Branded a fool over his decision some 13 years ago to create a large scale art park amongst the ethereal landscape of Guilin, Rhy Chang Tsao’s pet project, affectionately named “Fools Paradise”, now boasts more than 200 magnificently sculptured artworks that dot manicured grounds like rare species of flowers. Whilst it may be somewhat difficult…


Christmas Day on Halong Bay

After a tedious bus journey from Hanoi it was as if Mother Nature had snapped her fingers the moment we arrived in Bai Chay. Looming gray clouds parted giving way to dazzling rays of winter sunshine that started to slip through just as we stepped onto one of Bhaya’s traditional junk styled cruise boats. We…


Segways Come to Yangshuo

I have just been out for a ride on what I hope becomes the latest trend or activity to hit Yangshuo.   The Segway is a green, eco friendly people transporter that is quite novel to ride and perfect for a visitor to get a great intro to the delights of Yangshuo and surrounds.  …


Fall Colour in Yangshuo?

I love lush green landscapes however the gorgeous colours of Fall or Autumn which take over the landscape with reds, oranges and yellows are a spectacular sight.       Whilst out cycling, I realized that it is unfortunately something that doesn’t happen with any real effect around Yangshuo.  Most of the plant species are either…

The stunning Detian Falls on the China/Vietnam border is simply gorgeous in any season.

Guangxi’s Detian Falls

The magnificent Detian Falls located on the China/Vietnam border shines with vivid, jewel like colour and is definitely worth a visit. So much more attractive than just your standard trickle of water running over a cliff, Detian is some 200 metres wide and has three tiers of water rushing over its various edges. Despite the…


Great New Bar in Yangshuo

  There is certainly no shortage of bars in Yangshuo.   What has been missing though is a relaxed bar that takes advantage of the sheer natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.   Superbly situated with fantastic views, the River Bar has certainly filled this void.  Indulge in a delicious fresh fruit cocktail as you drift…