Black Dzao Woman Surveying the Corn Crop

Ha Giang – first glimpse

  I recently had the most fantastic week cruising around taking photos in Hagiang Province, Vietnam.     This mountainous region in the country’s north is just simply stunning and the people amazing.   It was intended that the Sunday market in Meo Vac was to be the highlight of the trip, however I can honestly say each…

Laos Ethnic Minority Clothing detail

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Luang Prabang, Laos

The once remote areas of Asia continue on a path of rapid modernisation, swept along to some extent by tourism and technology moving through the region.   Along with this change, traditions and customs once abundantly practiced and visible are becoming less prominent in the lives of the younger generation, as globalisation instills a level of…

Tibetan Festival in Langmusi

Tibetan Nomad Festival, Langmusi

How awesome was this Tibetan nomad festival in Langmusi, China on International Children’s Day, 2002. I was incredibly fortunate to experience this event with one of my groups and it was definitely worth arriving after 2am in the morning for.  We had broken down on the grasslands in the middle of Sichuan the previous day…

In the village of Langmusi, China in 2001.

Lovely Langmusi

Straddling the Sichuan / Gansu border is the simply wonderful little village of Langmusi. The first time I visited this remote outpost was back in 1997.   The location is simply stunning, located up on the sweeping grasslands of the Tibetan plateau. There have been big changes since I first visited, apparently the roads in town…


Sarawak Cultural Village

How times change!   A few years ago you would not have been able to drag me near this place.   For me traveling was about chasing the so-called truly authentic experience where these types of tourism sights just don’t feature. Nowadays though it is a different story.   I haven’t totally lost my traveling roots and I…

The elongated ears of the Kelabit, one of Malaysia's smallest ethnic groups.

Kicking Back with the Kelabit

Being absolutely fascinated with the elongated earlobes of the Kelabit people meant I had a very difficult time drawing my gaze away from the real thing!   Sitting around the fireplace, enjoying a cup of tea while sucking on one of the famous super juicy and sweet Bario pineapples was an amazing opportunity to ask all…


Bizarre Bario

This tiny town stranded deep in the Borneo interior near the Kalimantan border is surrounded by mountains and jungle.    It is also the home of the Kelabit people, one of Sarawak’s smallest ethnic minority groups. With no where near enough time to spare we booked our flights from Miri which usually has twice daily flights…


Lovely Little Longli Village

Arriving in Longli at the end of a long day I hadn’t expected to come across such a treasure.   This ancient garrison sits in the middle of a plain in Eastern Guizhou.  A feeling of remoteness seems to hang over the village which is odd given it is less than 30klms from Liping airport.  …


No Nails!

The Diping Wind and Rain bridge is the largest of its kind in Guizhou.   Some 56 metres in length, the bridge was first built in 1894 during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).   This classic example of Dong Minority architecture was destroyed by fire in 1956, a copy was rebuilt in 1964.  In 2004 the bridge…


Dali Dong Village

  The first thing that captured my attention on the internet for Dali Dong village in South Eastern Guizhou was the phrase “untouched by tourism”.    Of course I was a bit of a skeptic as I found this phrase at least 3 times on various travel and tour websites.  But it was on our way,…


Along the Duliu River, Congjiang to Rongjiang, China

As you wind your way along the banks of the Duliu River, between Congjiang and Rongjiang in South Eastern Guizhou, you get great views and a tiny glimpse into local river life.    Villages located on the opposite bank often don’t have road access so it is not unusual to see passengers being ferried across in…


Basha Village, Guizhou, China

Despite Basha’s close proximity to Congjiang (south eastern Guizhou) it remains an excellent place to experience a taste of the Miao ethnic minority culture. Said to be descendants of the 4,000 year old Chiyou army this village certainly seems to have retained many of its traditions including a gun salute that was performed at weddings….


Fuchuan Wind & Rain Bridge, Guangxi, China

Having just passed a beautiful village nestled in a valley amongst the lush rice fields of northern Fuchuan county in Guangxi province, Southern China I certainly wasn’t expecting a “wind and rain bridge” to magically appear in the fields. This style of bridge differs to the many famous Dong minority bridges, with a tower or…