Che Guevara

The Legendary Che Guevara

It’s impossible to avoid the image of legendary revolutionist Che Guevara in Cuba. After having lived in China for so many years and witnessing the worship and ever present presence of Mao Zi Dong, I almost expected to see an equivalent worship of Castro.   Perhaps this expectation was just the result of my own sheer…

Buena Vista Social Club, Havana

Buena Vista Social Club, Havana, Cuba

When visiting Havana the thought of experiencing a taste of the iconic Buena Vista Social Club is difficult to resist.   Nowadays though it is quite common to hear it referred to as a bit of a tourist gouging event, with the show mostly said to be “tribute style”. Well that may be but I have…

Dancing in Santa Clara, Cuba

On the Streets of Santa Clara, Cuba

Tucked away in the centre of this island nation Santa Clara feels like the real deal.    Horse and carts act almost like a local bus service clip clopping along the streets passing by all manner of awesome architecture most of which is closer to the crumbling kind than that of shiny restored glory. The park…


The Cuban Sandwich

  The Cuban Sandwich, stuffed full with layers of ham, roast pork and cheese, makes for an awesome quick bite.     I’ve never really been a salad sandwich type of girl so the meaty goodness, in what was once a common lunch for the masses in cigar factories and sugar mills, suited me right down to…


Magnificent Mojitos

Cuba is the home of the Mojito and what better place to indulge in a couple of these refreshing, minty treats than a visit to what is reckoned to be their birthplace – La Bodeguita del Medio. Said to have also been one of Hemingway’s favourite bars back in the day, this atmospheric haunt makes…

Cathedral Square In Old Havana, Cuba

Magical Havana, Cuba

The old city of Havana literally took my breath away with its beauty!   Streets and streets of grand architecture – some restored, some faded and crumbling – but all absolutely gorgeous and alive.   Small shady public gardens peppered with monuments are tucked away amongst the spectacular array of buildings, giving residents (and visitors) a place…


Moving on from Cuba

  Arriving in Guatemala City after spending some time in Cuba was like a huge slap in the face by commercialism. An endless stream of billboards, fast food restaurants and American retail chain stores seemed to line the roadside giving a real modern and racy feel.  In Cuba the only billboards that could be seen…

Man Leading Donkey in Trinidad

First Impressions of Cuba

Wow, how fantastic is Cuba! It has always been on the list of places I would love to visit but apart from the promise of gorgeous architecture and cool looking old cars I was not really sure what to expect, and have been so busy over the past couple of months I didn’t do a…