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Photography and exploring this big wonderful world of ours are my life passions, so it feels natural to want to share the stories & images of those adventures.

Travel for me is all about seeking out the essence of a destination.    I want to get to know a place, to feel and experience it rather than rushing from tourist site to site.    To explore and be ensconced in the atmosphere; to sit back and enjoy the tastes, smells, sights and sounds; to relish in incredible natural beauty and to discover or re-discover all our world has to offer!  The challenge for me is capturing all of this with my camera!

The concept of being lazy simply means not having to conform to the expectations of what I should be doing when I travel.   The idea of being constantly surrounded by fellow travellers working my way through a list of “must-see-sights” sends a cold shiver up my spine.   What being lazy doesn’t mean, is that you won’t find me at the top of that mountain or off exploring remote and difficult to get to places.  There’ll also be times where you’ll find me sitting in a cafe for the afternoon, hanging out watching the world go by or simply doing nothing at all.   Regardless of where I am though, I’ll usually have a camera at hand.

Jillian  (aka Lazy)      Photographer, Traveller, Writer, Dreamer…..

Jillian Mitchell is a Melbourne based photographer who shares her thoughts and stories through her travel blog, The Lazy Travel Writer.




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4 thoughts on “about Jillian

  1. Hi Mikey,

    I am perhaps a little behind the times but congrats on the book!!!

    Yeah, I have had a few things come in via this site which was is definitely nice – any contacts are always welcome though 🙂

    Will drop you an email or catch you on skype (not quite the master of my facebook as yet)!!!


  2. Hey Jillian! Long time no speak. I did a little google searching and see that you’re attracting work through this site! nice one.

    I probably have another contact or two I could throw your way as well for pitching, especially if you’re still actively writing from China.

    Let’s maybe speak sometime over e-mail/FB/skype or which ever one works for you…


  3. Hi there,

    I am the editor of an inflight magazine, looking for some feature ideas about Guilin. Wonder if you’ll be interested?

    Please write to my work email instead.


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