Incredible Beauty of Petermann Island, Antarctica

Gorgeous views from Petermann Island, Antarctica.

Gorgeous views from Petermann Island, Antarctica.

By this stage of the journey it gets quite easy to think that you’ve seen it all and nothing could supersede the sheer beauty you’d taken in over the previous few days.    Well how wrong could you be.    The island looked nothing special from afar but it was the place where we’d see Adele penguins.

With blue sky above and the sun peeking through the mist and clouds i made my way to the first vantage point and was totally blown away.    The view was extraordinary!  I’ve travelled to a heap of countries around the world and witnessed some superlative natural beauty of this earth but i’m not sure anything i say could do it justice.     I stood there with my eyes fixated on the view marveling at just how incredible it was!    It was like i was watching a fairy tale scene out a movie and totally unbelievable.

The Adeles were there too of course!   Soooo cute and racing around with all the comedic purpose that penguins seem to have.

Discovered by the Germans in around 1893 Petermann is small, at just 1.2 klms wide and 1.8 klms in length making it easy to traverse the island and explore in a fairly short amount of time.

Out of all the wonderful places we visited in Antarctica this has to be my absolute favourite.


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