Humpbacks – Up Close & Personal

Veiwing Humpbacks in Wilhemena Bay, Antarctica


This was our first zodiac cruise morning where we took to the glass like waters that were shimmering white from the reflections of the snow covered landscape.   Cracks in the ice walls afford the most magical abstract textures, revealing patches of brilliant aquamarine ice and emitting a near ethereal glow against the stark pure white surrounds.   Simply breathtaking was pretty much the only thought I could muster as I clicked excitedly the shutter button on my cameras.

Does it get any better than this; you bet it does!!!

After returning to our ship and pulling up anchor we couldn’t have gone more than 50 metres before the call of whales came out over the PA system – I grabbed my camera and scurried up to the outer deck of the 4th floor.    Humpbacks were on the left and right, then in front and behind – it seemed there were whales all around us.   Within 10 mins, Shane, our expedition leader was telling us to go get dressed – they’d decided to put our zodiacs back in the water so we could get up close and personal to this absolutely amazing spectacle.

We spent about an hour with these majestic creatures in the stunning surrounds of Wilhemena Bay – or what will now be known to us as Whalehemena Bay.  Reluctantly we re-boarded, knowing that in just a few short hours there’d be another “high” when we were to take our first steps onto the Antarctic continent.



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