Cruising around Kruger


Giraffe, Kruger National Park


That first glimpse of zebra through the trees fires up the anticipation, while mere minutes later at the park entrance a warthog and 2 babies are cavorting behind the building. This is Kruger National Park, a land which on first impression seems intent on showing off her abundance.

As we drive slowly toward camp, we’ve added giraffe, impala, buffalo and a mother hyena feeding her pups to the list in less than a 2 hour period.   In the next couple of days we continued to rack up the sightings adding elephant, lion, kudu, rhino, hippo, baboon, monkey and leopard.

The park facilities were also a bit of a surprise – equipped with campgrounds that offer a great range of facilities from a general store and cafes to swimming pools. There’s a good selection of fully sealed roads along with reasonably priced games drives and walks on offer.

All in all, Kruger absolutely delivers and ticks all the boxes – perhaps the only thing missing is that feeling of rugged remoteness, which is probably more the result of my own emotional expectations conjured up while dreaming about African safaris.




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