Ah travel how I have missed you!


Leopard, Kruger National Park


After months of working 10- 12 hour days and a seemingly unrelenting things-to-do list, I can’t believe how great it feels to be back on the road experiencing new sights, sounds and cultures.

Sitting in the truck, wind blowing through my hair as we power down the highway in Swaziland.   I feel humbled as we pass through small towns getting a glimpse into life in this tiny landlocked kingdom.

I’ve also started turning the days into highlights, like being able to say:

  • breakfast in Swaziland, lunch in South Africa and dinner in Mozambique
  • spotting the big 5 all in one day whilst in Kruger
  • a thrilling close encounter with elephants while on a walking safari

It’s only my fourth day of annual leave and I feel like I’ve been away for a month ….

Travel for me is a way to nourish the soul and broaden out any horizons which have shrunk due to the rigour and mundane routine encountered in everyday life  🙂





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